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by Praveen Patil

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Hi what’s up!

My name is Praveen Patil. Iam an Analyst by Profession and Blogger by passion. Im fascinated for technology. I love to write about tech and games. Also , I play online games in free time.

Top 3 reasons why I started blogging

  1. Knowledge Sharing: I like to stay updated with the technology around me. it might be smartphones, gadgets, android, iOs, etc. I always like to help the audience by sharing these things to make their life easy by putting my thoughts into the words in an easier way.
  2. Self-Discipline: Blogging makes me very disciplined. Not just in terms of writing but from other perspectives as well eg. Planning the next day activities in the early night. Exercise, meditation is also part of Discipline. vSelf Discipline is the best discipline.
  3. Be your own Boss: You can write at any time for your blog. You can input efforts for Yourself and not for your BOSS. The most important there are no deadlines.