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Apex Legends Mobile Early Access On Android: How To Download

by Praveen Patil
Apex Legends mobile early access

Apex Legends is likely one of the most well-known battle royale games presently purchasable for PCs and consoles. Now, Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts (EA) has its eyes on conquering mobiles. The game turned into recently made attainable for pre-registration globally. Apex Legends mobile early access stage is available for individuals who have already pre-registered. The Apex Legends mobile early access is currently not accessible for all Android users.

Apex Legends Mobile Early access – How to Download?

The file size of the online game is 1.34 GB. It may fluctuate from one device to one another. At the very least 4 GB RAM is required for a smooth gaming experience. Apex Legends cell is rated 12+ on the Google Play store as it has reasonable violence and light swearing.

Pre-registered users can download it from the Google Play store directly. Make sure you have sufficient space in your device as the game size is very huge. 

If you want to download the game click here. If you are not a pre-registered user but still may download the game by installing apk + OBB file here

Even after downloading from third parties, you may not be allowed to play the game. You may get the below error.

Apex Legends mobile early access

Apex Legends mobile early access error

You can pre-register the game through TAP TAP as well. Pre-Register here. Before that make sure you sign up for the TAP TAP. so once the app is available you can download it as well.

Apex Legends Mobile  – Device requirements, Characters, and much more

Apex Legends cell offers the choice to choose a character from an outstanding latitude with pleasing abilities. These characters are known as Legends. Gamers can decide on a Legend in keeping with their playstyle and alternative.

The strategic combat Royale matches of the game closing for about 15 minutes. There are a total of 20 squads consisting of three unique gamers each and every in Apex Legends cell.  The whole number of avid gamers is proscribed to 60 per healthy.

Players should create an Apex Legends Mobile account to enter the game on their mobile devices.

Devices should have at least 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of Memory with a compatible processor. Operating System should be android 6.0 and above.

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Apex Legends Mobile – Wrapping up and FAQ’s

Currently, the game is in beta testing version and bug fixes will be carried on. Most of the high-end devices are showing incompatibility issues.


  1. Who can get Apex Legends mobile early access?

           Ans – Pre-registered users are allowed to download and play the game.

      2. What is the apex legends mobile release date?

           Ans- Apex Legends mobile is released  for Pre-registered users under beta testing.

      3. Are the Apex Legends free to Play?

          Ans- Yes. 

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