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Battlegrounds Mobile India beta early access- Everything so far we know

by Praveen Patil
BattleGrounds Mobile India Early access

Battlegrounds Mobile India early access is finally out there to download for Android customers, although do not get too excited as this is just an early version and is available to android gamers who signed up for the beta version.

Battlegrounds Mobile India early access- Playstore Link

Some users on Twitter have shared screenshots of the place the download can be seen in progress. Looking at the screenshot, it’s clear that the Battlegrounds Mobile India is about 720MB in size. 

As already known, the open beta version is available on Google Play for Android users who registered their interest. 

At this point, it is not clear how Krafton chooses users to be beta testers. Click here to download Battlegrounds Mobile India early access.

Battlegrounds Mobile India early access- Only for Testers

For customers who are eagerly waiting for the Battlegrounds Mobile India game but don’t see a download button, don’t get disheartened, as Krafton notes on its page that that is the app’s testing program. 

This means the game can be available to everyone when it’s ready for a wider rollout.

As anticipated, the Battlegrounds Mobile India game takes numerous visible cues from its earlier avatar PUBG Mobile, which was banned in India in the last year. 

Like PUBG Mobile, the Battlegrounds Mobile India will allow users to get into a staff and participate in a battle royale game. Where multiple gamers take part in preventing the last man or team standing from winning the battleground. 

The Google Play itemizing reveals that the game will supply a number of modes, like battle royale mode or a Free Fire battle and one-one TDM matches.

The app itemizing additionally confirms minimal necessities for the sport, which require Android 5.1.1 or above and a minimum of 2GB of RAM.

The Battlegrounds Mobile India Facebook post confirms that the open beta version could have extra slots for users. 

The summit also reveals that gamers buying weapons and different issues, in addition to in-game progress, will be saved and obtainable within the ultimate model of the game when it’s made obtainable.

Below is the screenshot of the obtained screen while visiting the game web page that shows a message for some users which says, “Thanks for your interest in becoming a tester for the Battlegrounds Mobile India app. 

However, at this time, the Battlegrounds Mobile India app’s testing program has reached the maximum variety of testers that may participate in it and is not accepting any more testers.

BattleGrounds Mobile India – Expected Launch

The Battlegrounds Mobile India mobile game was expected to release tomorrow, on June 18, as the date would have coincided with the May 18 date when the pre-registrations started in India. 

Several reports claimed that the Battlegrounds Mobile India can be obtainable beginning tomorrow, but it looks like Krafton will test out the game in India for some more time before rolling it out for everyone.

Tell us within the comments part whether you are seeing the obtain option for the Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Battlegrounds Mobile India early access- TAPTAP Link

The Battlegrounds Mobile India early access apk link was available on the TAPTAP application. But due to slot unavailability, they have removed the game apk from their app. Few users had shared the screenshot of the game. 

Battlegrounds Mobile India early access- Skins, Companion, Outfits, and More

I just signed up for the BGMI testing and downloaded the game. Most of the game gives a similar kind of experience like PUBG Mobile with some changes.

There is a small trailer once you start the game. The game will ask you to complete the two minutes of training. And reward you with one permanent outfit out of three. I have chosen the yellow one below.

Currently, It features Season 19 and offers several events, bonuses, etc. It offered me the Lucky airdrop as below.

The settings remain the same as PUBG Mobile Global. The shop is available with the currency as UC (Usable Cash).  There is an event currently showing as Rookie Roulette as below. I tried to play a game with VPN and the game was not opening. So it is clear that we cannot play this game with a VPN.

So far I know, there was only one companion in the PUBG Mobile global version. But in BGMI early access, I have noticed there are three companions as below.

BattleGrounds Mobile India - Companion

BattleGrounds Mobile India – Companion

Under the Settings tab, There is an option to account transfer, which means that you can obtain the data from PUBG Mobile to BGMI early access. You need to connect to the platform which you used to create the account in PUBG Mobile.

Battlegrounds Mobile India early access- Conclusion

BGMI allows you to transfer your account, ranks, achievements from PUBG Mobile. However, there are some limitations to transferring data.  Click the link and read what can and What cannot be transferred.

You can purchase UC but I will suggest waiting for the main game to be launched. Smooth and realistic graphics as the Unreal Engine 4 is a very reputed firm when it comes to graphics.

Share your comments and thoughts in the comments section below. Till then Goodbye!

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