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Best Gun in PUBG Lite – Which One is More Powerful?

by Praveen Patil
Best gun in PUBG Lite

PUBG Mobile Lite or PUBG Lite is a favored alternative amongst fight royale game enthusiasts with mid-range phones. The lighter version does a superb job of retaining the essence of PUBG Mobile. PUBG Mobile Lite has effectively managed to continue the thrill and excitement that PUBG Mobile offers. PUBG Mobile Lite has low machine requirements, but it surely takes over a hundred MB of storage space. Here we will see Best Gun in PUBG Lite.

Best Gun in PUBG Lite

There are over 20+ weapons that players can use to defeat their enemies. The game has easy controls, and the battle royale matches do not close for a long time. A Single match continues for almost 17 mins to have Chicken Dinner. 

Like PUBG Mobile, PUBG Mobile lite has lots of Gun categories and it is not easy to define the best gun in PUBG Lite. Every Gun is unique in its own way. We cannot compare two guns of different categories and say this is the best gun in PUBG Lite.

Categories of the Best Guns in PUBG Lite

I have noted down the list of best guns in PUBG Mobile Lite is given below along with its features. Avail the information on the best gun in PUBG Mobile Lite. All major guns from PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite remain the same. No major difference.

Here we separated the guns from a particular family. Some of them fall with Assault guns, Snipers, Shotguns, etc. We will ignore a few weapons such as the Crossbow (which is the same and different), pistols as very few will use them, and bombs (this is also unique and more of a strategic choice).

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AR in the PUBG Lite

This is the most common weapons category on PUBG Mobile Lite. Many guns fall under this category. Below the list, you get the AR category.


This is probably one of the best guns in PUBG Lite. Most players can come up with this gun without difficulty. This weapon also provides extreme damage due to the high cost of the facility. Gamers can attach compensation with this gun to manage more recovery with ease. The gun uses 7.5mm bullets and comes shortly after Groza’s damage.


Best gun in PUBG Lite

Best gun in PUBG Lite


Apparently the Best gun in PUBG Lite. Its cost of over-shooting, heavy damage and minimal retrieval make it the most popular gun on PUBG MobileLite. Gamers can use this gun to fight in the middle and long-distance. It works best with compensation, vertical grip, and connection establishment. The gun fired 5.5mm ammunition.


Here is also the best gun airdrop. Apparently the best gun in PUBG Lite right now. Guns injure enemies with excessive domestic costs. Works well with a connected suppressor. The gun fires with 7.5mm ammunition and only finds it in the airdrop.


One assault rifle from PUBG Mobile Lite with the same number of injuries as the M416. But it has a lower fire rate. Players can also use this gun to spray in the middle. Compensation for vertical or vertical compensation is an appropriate attachment to a gun. The gun explodes 5.5mm ammunition and has a low attachment number compared to the M416.

Beryl M762 (FB Beryl)

One of the most reliable guns in PUBG Mobile Lite. It can pose a very serious threat to the enemy. The return of this gun is extremely extreme. If the player is able to control the reverse of this gun, he can win any duel with ease. Compensation, as well as a vertical grip, will help to strengthen the gun during the shooting. This gun explodes 7.5mm ammunition and has a higher attachment value compared to AKM.

SMG in PUBG Lite

SubMachine Gun (SMG) is used for Mid-range shots on PUBG Lite. They have good damage in the middle distance. Also, they are easily found in the game. In addition, they have many attachments such as scope, compressor, suppressor, etc. This section contains mainly UMP45, UZI, and PP Bizon. UZI has the most damage in the near future. You can eliminate your enemy before he points you out. SMG uses 9mm and 45mm ammo to shoot. They burn quickly so make sure you have enough ammo with you. For Mid-range damage, they are indeed the best gun in PUBG Lite.

Shotgun in  PUBG Lite

The most widely used shotguns are not common in PUBG Lite. But it has become a very dangerous weapon when the enemy is found nearby. Only two shots are fired enough to knock or sometimes die. You can easily find these in another way. This category includes the list below

S12K (Saiga-12K)

Only the gun has an AR-like attachment. What lags in width. But you can easily clear the team if you face S12K in a nearby distance such as on a construction site etc. This gun can be the best gun in PUBG Lite if the enemy is in closer range.


This is a standard shotgun found on PUBG Lite. It can be very damaging in the near future but it takes a lot of time to reload it. If the opponent has any AR you can get out of the game.

Snipers in PUBG Mobile Lite

Snipers play an important role in the category of the best gun in PUBG Lite. When it comes to long shots, you definitely need a sniper too with a 4x, 6x, 8x scope. Without measure, it looks like a peacock without feathers. Below is a list that comes under the Sniper category. PUBG Mobile Lite has a different latitude for snipers. They can be divided into two elements: Bolt motion Snipers and Marksman Rifles (DMRs) set.

AWM, M24, and KAR-98 are known as Bolt motion Snipers. However, Mini-14, MK14, and SKS are examples of DMR.


Perfect rifle and great rifle on PUBG Mobile. Also known as King of Sniper on PUBG Mobile. It’s a very powerful gun, which makes it not always so. It is a large magnum gun, with chambers of Winchester Magnum .300. Third-party armor cannot withstand them. It is the only gun in the online game that can kill a player with one gun. It can be treated as the best gun in PUBG Lite.


M24 is the second most useful sniper within the video game. Here is also a moving gun, and although it cannot shoot once the trunks of the third helmet, it is still badly wounded by the enemy.

The gun has a higher shooting speed compared to a different hunter. But the reload speed is slowing down. By attaching the long-awaited Quickdraw magazine, gamers can increase the reloading speed of the gun.


If the participant is more comfortable with skiing, it means that Kar-98 is the best option for TDM. The player can be killed with only one Kar-98 head in this mode. Attach 4X, 6X, 8X players can use this gun during this mode. To win a game on PUBG Mobile, one has to see how to control these weapons to get the most out of them. Avid players can watch the video below to understand more about TDM mode. 

DMR in PUBG Mobile Lite

Designated marksman rifle (DMR) as a combination of AR and Snipers. DMRs form a very long and medium distance. There are 4 different DMRs on this PUBG Mobile system. Gamers can equip anyone between Day 14, QBU, SLR, and SKS because of DMR. Players, it’s hard to use DMR in closed combat battles.


Some players prefer moving guns like shotguns, while others prefer to use DMRs over long distances. Here is also a very effective shotgun. Although MK14 is a DMR, players can fire bullets in “Auto” mode. It is the most effective DMR on PUBG mobile phones for this purpose. This makes it ideal even in close battles. Two shots with MK14 are enough to destroy enemies.

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Hope you like this article and let us know which gun works as the best gun in PUBG Lite for you!

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