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Best WhatsApp Business features in Dec 2020

by Praveen Patil
WhatsApp's new privacy policy

We all know the world wide popular messaging tool WhatsApp. The Company has also introduced the Whatsapp Business with some really cool features which have its own advantages. But it is specifically for business and not for personal use. Let discuss some guides and best WhatsApp Business features in Dec 2020.


  • Introduced in January 2018, keeping small and medium business in mind.
  • Businesses can easily interact with customers via an easy messaging platform.
  • Facts- The number of accounts getting banned is 2M every month and 1.5B are the monthly active users.

What is Whatsapp Business and how to install it?

Whatsapp Business works similar to WhatsApp which you know already know. But it has some additional features from a business perspective. If you are an android user, you can download it from play store or you are iPhone user install it from the app store and verify the number.

You can register a unique mobile number with Whatsapp business account. You cant use the same number on both (personal and business) accounts at the same time. The Whatsapp account can be migrated to Business version. But won’t able to shift it back, so think twice before doing it.

How to use WhatsApp Business?

Once done with the installation, you are good to use. WhatsApp Business is a free tool for communicating with customers. Register your business and the chat interface is similar to our traditional Whatsapp. Set the business profile to attract customers. Enter your Business name, description and category of business. set Business hours, website name and save your details. Use label option from upper right corner three dots to label customers under categories- New customer, pending payment etc. If you need some greater capabilities, you need to register for WhatsApp API partner and there is pricing involved.

Best cool Features

  • WhatsApp Stories: Use this feature to post the story which disappears after 24 hours. once can highlight the product on the stories to attract the customer.
  • Quick reply: Giving a reply to the customer is very important and this impacts the Customer relationship as well. Giving replies to every customer is difficult at the same time. By using this feature you can quickly give replies to every customer by just typing /and type the short word.
  • Away messages: Many customers may ping you after or before business hours. To let know customer know, we can enable this feature through business settings.
  • Statistics: This feature can track the messages which are sent. Enable this feature through business settings.
  • Greeting messages: Greet customers for first time message or 14 days of inactivity.
  • Cart: Customer can pick multiple products through the cart and send you in one click.
  • Dark Mode: It works similar to our traditional WhatsApp.

Security: Artificial Intelligence technology is used by WhatsApp where messages are very secured and end to end encrypted. This saves your privacy and avoids to fall under wrong hands.

WhatsApp can block if any new number sending bulk messages to multiple contacts, creating multiple groups and forwarding the message in high volume. Whatsapp does not accept bulk messages as this violates their privacy policy.

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