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How to Disable Ads from Redmi Smartphones

by Praveen Patil
disable ads from Redmi smartphones

What is MIUI

As everyone knows, the andriod Operating System(OS) is fully customizable and has a feature pack. The pure andriod operating system is developed by Google, known as andriod stock. The software experience is very smooth, as there are no bloatware and ads running on it. This is mainly used on Google devices like Pixel. Other smartphone gaints like Samsung, Xiaomi, Vivo are applying their skin on the stock andriod to make OS feature pack. Samsung uses One UI, Xiaomi uses MIUI and Vivo uses funtouch OS and so on. The biggest disadvantage of this MIUI is that they serve ads and more bloatware at no cost to the device. So, Lets discuss how to disable ads on redmi smartphones.

In this article, I will write only on how to disable ads on Redmi smartphone. i.e MIUI (Xiaomi User Interface). MIUI is highly customizable and several features added to it. It has the largest community where developers are constantly working on improving the MIUI interface.

So, here’s what you can do to disable or stop most ads and remove bloatware from your Xiaomi device. Follow this guide and you will have an experience that looks more or less like this.

How to Disable Ads from any Redmi Smartphones

So basically, that way, you can get an ad-free experience. There are other ways too, like updating a rom. But here we will discuss how to disable ads from Redmi smartphones without rooting the device. One thing you should keep in mind, from the beginning , you should try not to give miui any extra permission or customization options. Even if it’s for wallpapers, because in these tiny options they hide their magic ads. So, xiaomi used its facemoji keyboard instead of the Google keyboard as a default and it collects some information in the background too, so let’s get to that soon.

Browser and additional settings

In Additional settings. Turn off the user experience program and the option of personalized ads, after that, Getting apps will prompt you to send spam to your device and just uncheck all apps, especially Chinese malware. Now we are in miui 11.

Select all the unnecessary apps that are pre-installed, press to zoom out and select them all and just drag them to the trash and they will be uninstalled in a second.

This spam browser that delivers a ton of bad ads when you swipe from the bottom up. Earlier, there was the Google assistant , but miui replaced it with this crap. Don’t worry, we can easily disable it press and hold the homepage and click on more, choose the screen you want -I would suggest using the feed Google or none.

Just below disable, swipe up to open the search and now you can go back and see that the main low quality app has been disabled. The second thing to do would be to force the browser to stop and turn off all notifications and disable access to mobile data and deny all permissions for it. And it will not bother you again.

This application now spams all devices with notifications and consumes data in the background. Now press and hold the shortcut to get apps, click on the app’s info and force it to stop. Delete all data and disable all permissions and notifications as shown.

Gallery App settings and Video recommendations

Next, we have the Gallery app. So whenever you play a video in the gallery, a ton of video recommendations start to come. To disable this crap, you can go to mi video> settings and turn off the video recommendations. And after that you can play a video to test it and you can see that there are no annoying ads in the gallery.

Now, just disable the notifications by longpressing on mi video app and restrict data usage and disable notifications too. So as you can see most of the notificationsare now disabled from the device and you have so clean interface with less bloatware .

Just dont enable these features in future. And deny if any app asks for any special permission and trust me you will be good to go guys. This was the full and easierway to disable all the bloatware in miui 11 on any redmi device.

Hope you find this article helpful. Please do comment if any suggestion and subscribe to my social channels . And I will see you in the next one.

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