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What is free QR code generator ? How to use it?

by Praveen Patil
QR code generator free

Today we live in a digital age where most things, work is done digitally. The QR code is no longer new to this. We use QR codes for activities of daily life, such as UPI wallet payments, etc. In developed countries like Singapore, the curriculum for attendance at schools, colleges, and universities is based on a QR code. QR codes are seen in the Tokyo subway system. In this article, we will discuss QR code and explain how we use a free QR code generator.

Complete QR code form? QR code History.

The QR code stands for a quick response code. Hara Masahiro developed the QR code 25 years ago. He works with an organization called Denzo Wave. He currently holds the position of Chief Engineer. Hara said the company had previously used barcodes to track parts, but that the system was not working properly. A box used to contain several barcodes. Scanning them was a time-consuming task and because of this, the staff was tired of scanning the boxes many times, and this led to the origin of the QR code that would allow more information to be tracked in a single scan. “As a result, a QR appeared on the code to save time and complete the task on time.

How does the QR code work? Types of QR codes

The QR code is characterized by a pattern with two sides dotted with black and white squares. With this pattern, it is possible to enter data more than 200 times more than the standard barcode.

The QR code works the same way as a barcode in the store. The QR in the name represents a quick response, expressing the concept of code development, whose approach is accelerated. It is a machine scanned image that can be read quickly with a smartphone camera.

When your smartphone scans this code, it translates that information into something that people can easily understand.

There are two types of QR codes. First- Static and Second- Dynamic. The dynamic QR code can be modified and rebuilt, a dynamic and static one cannot be changed once it is created.

QR code generator free

How to use QR online generator

How to find a QR code generator free online?

To create QR codes online, The QR code generator is an online tool which comes in picture. It helps to create a static and dynamic QR code based on your information such as URL, free text, contact, phone, etc. I offer free QR code generator sites below.

  1. QR Code Generator – This site is very easy to use. You can create static QR codes here.
  2. QRCode Monkey – This is another site for making static and dynamic QR codes, but it has other options to play with adding a logo, etc.
  3. QR code generator | Create Your Free QR Codes – This is another high traffic site, but it works for the same purpose.

How to find a QR code reader online?

QR Reader is an online tool that scans your QR code and extracts information. The websites below are JavaScript enabled.  The QR code directly scans through the browser, No image upload is required, This solution provides an easy way to read QR codes. You can browse the sites below or install the QR scanner app from the play store or the app store.

What is a QR code on WhatsApp?

This is a very common question on Google. Whatsapp is a world-famous app when it comes to texting, chatting. WhatsApp’s latest QR Code feature, available for iOS and Android users, allows you to add contacts in a second.

Start a conversation with anyone immediately and help merchants and businesses communicate with their customers more freely with a single scan. WhatsApp QR codes save the contact, start a conversation and add a person to the group by scanning the QR code.

Anyone can add it to their WhatsApp contacts simply by scanning their WhatsApp QR code. This helps you stay in touch faster than the previous method of adding your name and number manually. This also helps merchants and individuals start conversations faster without taking a long route.

 We can add the contact in the below ways.

  • Open the WhatsApp QR code to add a person to contact.
  • Go to the WhatsApp QR code with the WhatsApp camera.
  • Hit the WhatsApp QR code from the photos.
  • Check the WhatsApp QR code from the new contact screen.
  • Click the WhatsApp QR code within the chat.

Frequently asked questions about QR codes

What is the meaning of the QR code?

The QR code is a two-sided barcode that stores information and read on smartphones. It allows the encoding of more than 4000 characters in a double bar code bar. To display text to a user, open a URL, keep contact in an address book, or write messages, QR codes are helpful.

Where can we download the QR code scanner app?

You can download the QR scanning app from Play Store or App Store if you are an iPhone user.

QR code for WhatsApp?

WhatsApp recently introduced QR codes to the end-user platform where users can share their contacts by simply scanning these codes. WhatsApp has now introduced the QR code scanning feature in the WhatsApp Business app. These QR codes will serve as a gateway for the consumer to access a company with a valid WhatsApp account.


That’s it for this article. I hope you find it useful. Please feel free to comment if you have any questions or suggestions for us.

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