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How is Cybercrime making the use of VPN mandatory?

by Praveen Patil
Use of VPN

The number of increasing cyber-crimes is making the users more afraid of spending time over the Internet, as the hackers and intruders are spending considerable time over the Internet seeking a victim, on whom they can apply their hacking skills and then get into their personal information, disturbing their overall activities throughout the day. Well, these can be avoided by the use of VPN

In this article, we’ll learn how the use of VPN plays a vital role in making our daily use of the Internet safe and secure because of the emerging activities and incidents related to Cybercrime, making the overall peaceful time spent by the user ambiguous and disastrous. Don’t worry, as there are millions of alternatives available in the universe now that fight back against powerful and devastating attacks from hackers and intruders instantly.

Some Attacks from Hackers and Intruders can be prevented by a Use of VPN

This section will look at how hackers and intruders get into our systems and private information, disturbing our overall activities and working credentials.

 1.    Confidential Data Hacking

Many hackers, i.e., Black Hat or White Hat, are hired from competitor companies to hack the companies’ internal data and confidential files.  Get into the privacy and grasp the personal information to analyze strategies and revenues for competitor analysis.

Companies having poor security layers and practices become victims of such attacks. Later, they become aware of this activity when the entire data is hacked or kept in the hacking entity’s knowledge.

These activities are widespread, and people out there are hiring hackers on higher salaries to get into the system. Internal data repositories of competitors make them feel ambiguous and disturb their ongoing data transaction activities.

 2.    Disturbing the ongoing Activities

We often encounter a lag or issue in the data packets sent from our system, but unaware we always think what the reason behind it is. We have delivered the accurate file, with efficient information whereas, the delivery address and person claims of the wrong file, and communication.

Such issues arise when the hacker performs changes in the files before it reaches the destination’s server, which is very easy if you’re not having any encryption layer or protocol embedded within the connection.

3.    Geo-restricted websites

This section is attractive for the binge-watchers who are fond of watching exciting movies and shows over the Internet platform but observe geo-restriction because of the region’s compatibility.

Although proxy and free VPNs are available in the market, they are not safe, and trustable so the only way out is to get yourself connected with a secured VPN connection that we’ll discuss later.

The Introduction of VPN in Today’s Era

After seeing the emerging number of cybercrimes and issues reported by casual users, the I.T. industry finally decided to develop a pocket-friendly solution, which will contain all the security protocols and concerns of the users preserved to maintain transparency and integrity.

Security Protocols Strengthening the Connection

So, after the introduction of VPN in the market, a lot of positive changes were observed, and some of them were due to the number of privacy, and security protocols, and policies embedded within the connection making the overall activities unforgettable and secured away from any third-party access without the concerns of users.

  1. Zero-log policy
  2. Strict I.P. Masking
  3. Aes-256 bit encryption
  4. OpenVPN
  5. L2TP
  6. PPTP
  7. IKeV2
  8. Split-tunneling
  9. Kill Switch
  10. DNS Server

All of the protocols are introduced in almost every VPN connection. Users were amazed to see the difference made once the connection was established between the users and the service providers.

 Use of VPN- Accessing Geo-Restricted Websites

With the secure connection of VPN, binge-watchers can watch U.S. Netflix shows in Australia, Voot outside India, HBO Max anywhere in the world without any hassle because their I.P. address was masked with the server selected, an active work of DNS server present within every connection made.

Use of VPN

Use of VPN


Use of VPN- Masking of I.P. Addresses and Physical Location

You can now enjoy a fully secured and private VPN network with a masked I.P. address. And physical location as per the server selected from the user.

Keep in mind and only premium quality VPNs provide the audacity to the users to swap the server, as per their desire. Otherwise, free VPNs cannot give any such rights to the users.

For a much better experience, I always recommend binge-watcher.  And corporate users to get themselves switched to a private VPN connection highly secured and profitable in all terms.

Wrapping Up

And that’s all for a day, and of course the blog too. I hope you enjoyed reading the overall transformation of users experience from an unsecured connection to an intimate relationship.  Where more security protocols are provided, keeping the general activities private and protected from any third-party access.

Although if you still have some questions regarding the topic and blog, please post them in the comments section.

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