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How To Reach Conqueror in PUBG Mobile Lite Speedily in 2021?

by Praveen Patil
How to reach conqueror in PUBG Mobile lite

A New season arrived last month in PUBG Mobile Lite. WInner Pass Season 24 has been released recently. Here time to gear up and achieve the conqueror rank at the earliest. In this article, I will be sharing some Tips and Tricks to save your time on how to reach conqueror in PUBG Mobile lite. Also, I will be clearing some misconceptions about conqueror rank.

Reaching conqueror rank in PUBG Mobile Lite is not an easy task. It requires a lot of effort and patience as well. I am not talking about any paid hacks, bot lobbies, etc where a hacker reaches conqueror in two days.

How To Reach Conqueror in PUBG Mobile Lite

How To Reach Conqueror in PUBG Mobile Lite

Let’s discuss how to reach conqueror in  PUBG Mobile Lite. I have divided the skills Before and After Crown tier as things change as you rank up.

Tricks to be Implemented Before reaching Crown Tier on How to Reach Conqueror in PUBG Mobile lite

Play Full Rush Till Crown Tier

Yes, you heard right. The negative marking till the crown tier is very low. So You should play aggressively and focus on the number of kills that will improve your (Kill-Death) KD ratio. 

Always land on the hot drop when you are below Crown tier so that you can kill more enemies than usual. A hot drop is a place where more players land and it depends on the plane’s direction. 

The most common hot drops in PUBG Mobile lite are Stadium, Thirdhill, Old basin, etc. This will allow you to get more +points at the end of the match.

Always Carry The Best Gun combination

No matter which rank you are supposed to be, one should have the best gun combination. A combination of Long-range + Short-range weapons is always best. 

You can aim at the enemy from a long distance from Long-range weapons such as Sniper, M416, ScarL, and if the enemy is very near to you. 

For eg. In the building area use AKM, S12K, MK14, Groza. These guns have higher damage than any other in close range.

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Always Support your teammates if you are playing in Squad or Duo

If you are pushing the rank in a duo or squad, always try to support your teammates rather than playing individually. A teammate can help you if you are knocked down or if you are dealing with multiple enemies. A good strategy between team players leads to Chicken Dinner. This also shows your behavior to other teammates and asks you to join their squad.

Tricks to be implemented After reaching Crown Tier on How to reach conqueror in PUBG Mobile lite

Once you reach the Crown tier, you need to be more aware now. If you die early in the match it will hit a major minus. To recover the minus points you need to play almost 3-4 matches. So all here is to avoid minus to your points. Here’s how.

Avoid Hot Drops

Now it’s time to avoid Hot drop, There are huge chances of getting killed soon in Hot drop. Use a car and travel to a safe location instead. This will make you survive. Try to carry all essentials like Grenade, smoke balls. Medical kits etc.

Travel from Zone to Zone.

Play wisely. Don’t rush to kill enemies. Take damage in zones. This will increase your points in gameplay. Use medical kits, drinks, and painkillers. Try to survive as much as you can.

Don’t run through Open spaces

Always move through odd routes and avoid open spaces. You will be easily located in open spaces and there are huge chances of getting killed through snipers. Always use a car if the distance is more. 

Try to reach Top 10 and Play Full Rush

Once you are in the Top 10 the chances of minus points are reduced and you can play rush. Always try to locate your enemy’s position so you can plan a strategy to get on him.

Some common tips and Cons of Conqueror Rank

  • Keep moving in the gameplay and do not camp. If you camped in the gameplay, you will not earn higher points. No matter if you earn the chicken dinner. 
  • Always try to kill 2 enemies with any Sniper per match. The points will increase.
  • You will get more points on looting the drop.
  • Try to blast any vehicle in every gameplay.
  • Try to use more bandages than medi kits while taking zone damage.

Cons are – 

  • You will lose your aggressive gameplay.
  • Your KD will be deeply impacted and it will not be more than 3.

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Wrapping OFF and FAQs

  1. How many points to get conqueror PUBG Mobile lite?                                                                                                     Ans- Conqueror rank is availed to the first 500 players per Server(Asia, South America, and Europe). The server gets refreshed every 12 am of US zone i.e 6.30 am (India Standard time IST)

       2. When you get the PUBG Mobile lite conqueror frame?                                                                                                                   Ans- Once you reach conqueror, You need to play 5 matches in Conqueror rank and Frame can be collected through the season option.

3. What is the PUBG Mobile Lite Conqueror refresh time?

Ans- For eg you achieved the server ranking <500 today. PUBG Mobile Server refreshes the rankings every day and you can expect the rank change in the Next day morning at 6.30 am for India (IST).

So these are my tips and tricks to get conqueror rank in PUBG Mobile Lite. Hope you found these helpful. Feel free to comment and share your thoughts. I will try to update the article. Cheers!

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