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How To Start A Blog In 2021- Step By Step Guide For Beginners

by Praveen Patil
How to Start blogging in 2021

Hello Everyone! In this article, I will explain the step-by-step process from start to end for becoming a successful blogger. You have to be consistent, sincere, and patient. Let me clear one thing here, blogging is not an overnight success platform for earning money. It takes time, no matter how you are smart. I have recently started blogging and I’m sharing my own experience. Even I come to know about blogging on the internet itself. So if you are a beginner or completely fresher in the blogging field, you have come to the right place. Let see How to start a blog in 2021 from scratch.

What is Blogging and How to start a blog in 2021?

Blogging is creating content on a website in a particular niche. A Blogging website needs regular publishing of Posts. eg. If you are starting a blog on Travel, you will create a website with the travel domain name and host it with a good hosting provider. You will just post only related to the travel blog. Let’s begin with the below steps.

Pickup the Blogging Platform

You can start blogging from any CMS(Content Management System). These are platforms that help you to write and post content effortlessly. This will save you time and you don’t need to have any coding skills. Most CMS platforms are Blogger, WordPress, Wix, etc. Blogger is free CMS from Google but with a lot of limitations. If you are very tight on budget, you can go for it. But I would recommend WordPress because it provides themes and plugins that will help you develop and launch your site faster. Alternatively, you can change the colors of your blog, header, footer, or add posts to WordPress quickly and easily with no coding skills required. Also, WordPress has a share of 40% of all websites.

how to start a blog in 2021

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Select the Profitable Niche For Your Blog

So, you will be assuming what is Niche? A Niche is the subject or topic of your interest on which you are planning to start blogging. It may be related to Tech, govt jobs, Shayaris, lyrics, etc. More importantly, You can narrow down the niche and target a specific audience. for eg. Technology is a very broad niche, it can be narrowed down to routers, etc. This is also called micro-niche.

Select the Domain Name

It is the permanent address of your blog online. Once you’ve got everything set up, anyone will be able to type your domain name into their browser’s address bar and access your site from anywhere in the world. Your domain name will match your blog name, so choosing a domain name is the most important branding decision. 

Finding a completely new domain name for your website or blog can be a daunting task. You can use Lean Domain Search, Name Station for choosing the unique domain name.

Pick up the Good Hosting for Your Blog

Choose reliable and speedy hosting for your blog. The speed of your website will be depending upon your hosting provider. As a beginner, you can stick to the basic plan of any hosting provider like Bluehost, Hostinger, etc. All your media files, galleries will be stored in your hosting control panel.

Install and Setup WordPress Blog

Install WordPress by going to Softaculous Apps Installer through your control panel. Provide some basic details and hit install. Once installed, your website is ready to go. The very first step is to change your default theme through Dashboard>Appearance> themes. Choose a reliable, responsive theme for your blog. heavy themes containing more CSS and Javascript may slow down your websites.

Install Important Plugins to Your WordPress Blog

Plugins play a very important role in your website. They make lives easier by doing jobs in the backend. Install only recommended plugins which are very important. Always check the updates for the plugin. Do not install any plugin which was updated more than 6 months ago.

Publish Your First Blog Post

By completing the above steps successfully, you are all set to write your first post and grab some visitors. Your post should add value and it should be unique. Google recommends an average post should consist of 300-600 words for higher rankings. Do not copy-paste any content or images from different websites.

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Feel free to share with us your thoughts and questions in the comments section below.

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Darpan March 3, 2021 - 8:11 pm

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Divyansh March 3, 2021 - 2:49 pm

Thanks for sharing information. Namecheap is good or i have to shift to another hosting

Praveen Patil March 3, 2021 - 3:18 pm

Divyansh, You can use it for a while if you like the services of Namecheap, you can carry on else you may switch to Blue host or Hostinger.

Href Link March 3, 2021 - 12:40 am

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Thanks for sharing your valuable information

Next Generation Careers February 27, 2021 - 1:23 pm

Which would be the best hosting for a WordPress blog? BlueHost or hostigner? or anyone else?

Praveen Patil February 27, 2021 - 11:20 pm

It depends on your budget and requirement. If you are new to blogging and tight on budget you can go with Hostinger.

Malhar Chauhan February 24, 2021 - 10:33 pm

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Hello sir, keep the blogging part time or focus on it so that we cannot do anything else and fail in blogging too.

Please reply

Praveen Patil February 22, 2021 - 11:32 pm

Hi Dharmraj, Thanks for commenting. To work part-time or full time it totally depends on you. Be consistent and focus with 100% and you will start getting results. Hope this helps.

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