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Instagram Reels ads India: All You need to know

by Praveen Patil
Instagram reels ads india

Instagram will now show ads in Reels. After a successful test in select countries, the social media giant is now launching Instagram reels ads India. Instagram will display full-screen adverts and people can be vertical, similar to ads in Tales. One will notice ads in between individual Reels.

Instagram’s business blog post says, “We’ve seen that people enjoy watching their friends’ Reels, so we’re excited to introduce full-screen ads that give brands the opportunity to tell more of their story.”

The new ads will be 60 seconds in length and are eligible to appear at the start of the video reel, in between individual stories, or at the end. The user will continue to see new content on their screens while ads play. The company promises ad breaks won’t be disruptive.

The new ad format is available to all business profiles and Instagram says this feature will start rolling out to users in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the United States.

Instagram reels ads India new ad format

Instagram has been testing the new ad format in five countries on iOS and Android since September. The social media giant has been collecting feedback for this new feature via community-connections channels like @business. 

As per the test results, brands have gained 2X higher reach from videos that contain ads while consumers have seen 80 percent fewer ads in their feeds.

Instagram is also making it easier for businesses to purchase these ads. Businesses will be able to select the duration of their ads and can choose from several pre-made creative formats.

Businesses can preview their ads and select the ones they want to run. Users will have a relaxed experience watching ads as the app will continue playing video while one sees a full-screen ad. 

The app will end playing the video when an ad is complete, which means users don’t need to refresh their feeds manually.

Instagram promises that advertisers will be able to run the same ads they create for the company’s Stories product. Businesses can also use their existing ad-tracking pixels for video in Stories to track impressions and engagement from now on.

As part of this change, Instagram is adding a new metric that measures “ad cut-through”. The percent of people who watched at least three seconds of a video ad. (instead of skipping it or seeing it in full screen).


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