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PUBG Mobile Lite iOS Version- How to Download in 2021?

by Praveen Patil
PUBG Mobile Lite iOS version

Say, if you’re looking for an enjoyable game to pass your time (and you have a device that supports it), PUBG Mobile Lite is the best choice. It’s not only a free game but also the easiest one to understand so there’s less risk in playing. In addition, its controls are relatively simple so anyone can pick up and play without any practice. Now, what if you are not an android user and using an Apple iPhone device? Can you play pubg lite for iPhone? Read this full article and you will know how to download the PUBG Mobile Lite iOS version. 

PUBG Mobile Lite iOS version

image source- PUBG Lite Facebook


The whole point of PUBG Mobile Lite is to provide an alternative version of PUBG that allows users to enjoy themselves without having to spend money on complicated games. In fact, PUBG Mobile Lite is just the same game, but with a few minor differences in control system and graphics. But the question remains the same – Is there any pubg lite ios download?

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PUBG Mobile Lite ios Version- App store

App Store is the iOS store where we can find multiple apps and games related to iOS. App Store is the same as Google’s play store. Apple claims that every user should install the apps from the app store only. Apps available in the app store are more secured and tested by apple’s developers. Both Apple and Google claim to avoid third-party installation for security purposes. There is no such app or game named PUBG Mobile Lite in the App store. 

PUBG Mobile Lite ios Version- Official PUBGM site

I have seen many apple users searching for pubg lite ios download on PUBG Mobile Lite official site. Surprisingly, the website doesn’t even open in the browser.

Let me know the comments if someone is able to open the site. Or if the site address has been changed.

Fake Articles on Downloading PUBG Mobile Lite iOS Version

I have seen many websites (I don’t want to reveal the names) guiding users on wrong information. They are clearly mentioning downloading the app through a link and wasting users’ time and mobile data. I request all of you not waste your time and money on such sites.

PUBG Mobile Lite iOS version

PUBG Mobile Lite iOS version

Let me know if anyone is or was able to download and play pubg lite for iPhone in the comment section. I’m eager to see what kind of files they are providing here.

PUBG Mobile Lite ios Version- Conclusion

The Final conclusion is there is no PUBG Mobile Lite game available for iOs users. Users can only download the game once it will be available on the app store. Currently, The game is only available for android users. There is nothing called PUBG Lite for iPhone. Request you to not fall prey to any third-party apps or sites which will only waste time and money. Hope Apple will provide pubg lite for ios in future.

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Any suggestions or feedback?  let me know in the comments and will see you on another one.



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