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PUBG New State Apk PUBG 2.0 -Pre-registration and Download

by Praveen Patil
PUBG New State Apk

PUBG Corp just announced a new mobile unique game nowadays called PUBG: NEW STATE. Looking at the big popularity of the normal PUBG mobile game, which launched a couple of years ago, PUBG Studios in cooperation with KRAFTON, launched a new mobile game today called PUBG: New State. As per the creators, here is the sequel to the fashioned PUBG with version 2.0. Pre-register PUBG NEW STATE Apk at the moment on Android and iOS will have Pre-registrations soon.

Krafton is the enterprise that owns the rights for PUBG (Player’s  Unknown’s BattleGrounds). Tencent is the business that holds shares within the fashioned PUBG mobile online game and also developed it. PUBG Mobile New State, in spite of this, has been developed totally through Krafton, a South Korean business beneath PUBG Studios branding.

Check out the trailer under and head to the downloads part to get the PUBG: NEW STATE preorder hyperlink and download PUBG NEW STATE APK as quickly as it is live.

What’s new with PUBG New State APK?


Image source- Google play store

According to the creators, PUBG: NEW STATE may have the equal thought of the long-established PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS. One hundred unknown players will survive the game and the last man/duo/squad standing wins. The Blue zone will always cut back, players should still discover weapons, cars, and combat for survival. It is similar to PUBG, but version 2.0.

Moreover, the online game will have ultra-realistic graphics and sensible/dynamic gunplay. Which you can also use the diversity of equipment and contours including drones, combat rolls, and extra.

The game has a short context to it as smartly. New State is placed in the near future; 2051. Anarchy rules as a large number of factions combat each different.

The competition has advanced into a brand new battleground that includes state-of-the-art expertise that requires survivors to adopt new strategies to survive.

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PUBG New State Gameplay, Graphics, And Functions 

Ultra HD Graphics

Graphics that Push the limits of mobile Gaming. Graphics that surpass the ordinary of mobile gaming with international Illumination technology. Drop into huge open worlds that characterize the most useful graphics obtainable for mobile gaming. With next-era cell photographs, PUBG: NEW STATE grants the full fight royale event straight into avid gamers’ palms.

Functional and Dynamic Gameplay  

Enjoy practical gameplay optimized for mobile gaming. Grasp distinct weapons and make each of them your own with weapon customization.

Subsequent era Survival

Enjoy lots of equipment and lines, together with drones, fight rolls, and extra. Discover 8 ×8 km open worlds with a lot of automobiles. Make the most of loads of weapons with a view to swing the combat in your favor for a more immersive fight royale experience.

Expanding the PUBG Universe Set

Within the near future, years have passed in view of the original online game. PUBG Mobile New State might be released in 2051 and should function 8×8 maps with various vehicle equipment, including drones, fight rolls, and greater. Apart from this, the title will provide ultra-sensible photographs and gameplay.

Pre-order reward

Based on the PUBG Mobile New State authentic website, gamers will obtain a restrained car skin (permanent) as a unique reward for pre-ordering the online game.



PUBG NEW STATE is now accessible for pre-order on the Play Store or click here, iOS users will receive a pre-registration link soon or click here. As it is pre-order and not pre-registration, we are expecting the online game to be paid for. Let’s see as soon as the game resets. In the meantime, stay tuned for additional updates.

PUBG NEW STATE Can be played in India?

Currently, PUBG Mobile is strictly banned in India. Also PUBG: NEW STATE pre-registration is not available in India. But hope, if the ban is removed in the future, we can play PUBG NEW STATE as well. But take it with a pinch of salt. 

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