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PUBG vs Free Fire- Which One is Better to Play and Why ?

by Praveen Patil
PUBG VS Free Fire

PUBG Mobile and Free fireplace are two of the most favorite leaders in the Esports group. Each features several maps and gameplay modes that aid avid gamers to experience the variety of the game. Each shares the identical core of combat royale. Despite the fact, it includes distinctive maps and gameplay modes. Here we will be taking a glance at how PUBG Mobile compares to Garena Free Fire in terms of download size, gameplay, and more. Let’s begin with PUBG vs Free Fire comparison.

Disclaimer: This article reflects the personal opinion of the author, and choosing one game over another based on the graphics quality, solely depends on every individual. Readers are free to have their own opinion.

PUBG vs Free Fire:(Maps)

PUBG Vs Free fire, which considered one of them has more and more suitable gameplay modes and maps in April 2021?

Maps in PUBG Mobile

Maps in PUBG Mobile is widespread for its battle Royale theory, and the title also justifies itself by offering 5 distinctive maps. The classic fight royale maps in PUBG cellular are Erangel, Karakin, Livik, Miramar, and Sanhok. Karakin is the newest addition to the BR map area replacing Vikendi, which was existing in the past, but has been removed temporarily.

Maps in Free Fire

Presently, Free Fire hosts three major battle royale maps: Bermuda, Kalahari, and Purgatory. Despite the fact, in a single of essentially the most contemporary social media posts, Garena declared that the fan-favorite Bermuda Remastered would quickly be brought to the game permanently. 

The legitimate social media publish observed:

“As introduced up to now, Bermuda Remastered might be an everlasting map after the patch replaces it’s coming quickly! Aside from that, the Kalahari map will even be an option that you can download.”

PUBG VS Free Fire

image credit – DraxaTV(YouTube)

PUBG vs Free Fire:(Gameplay modes)

There are lots of gameplay modes and sub-modes obtainable in PUBG Mobile and Free Fire. Below are gameplay modes explained for PUBG Mobile and Free Fire.

Gameplay modes in PUBG Mobile Game

Basic: Erangel, Livik, Miramar, Sanhok, Karakin

Arcade: short match, Sniper practicing, war

EvoGround: Payload 2.0, energy Armor

Environment: Gun online game, arena training, team Deathmatch, Domination, Assault

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Gameplay modes in Free Fire Game

Free fire offers lots of gameplay variety. It also offers numerous game modes to its fans. Modes are, however, altered commonly, and new modes are often brought. Here are the online game modes which are currently accessible on Free fireplace:

Ranked video game


Clash Squad (Ranked and unRanked)

Cosmic Racer

Verdict: Which video game has greater maps and modes?

Although, PUBG Mobile is the clear winner regarding more maps and gameplay modes. There are over 10 gameplay modes and sub-modes, whereas Free hearth has 4-5. Each PUBG Mobile and Free fire are mind-blowing performers and offer interesting maps and gameplay modes to their gamers.

Youngsters, both are equally respectable and effective in terms of superior gameplay experience in catering first-rate to their users.

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PUBG vs Free Fire: System requirements compared

PUBG Mobile system requirements:

Download Size– 2GB

Operating OS– Android version: 5.1.1, iOS 9 and above

Ram: 2 GB

A decent processor, for example, Snapdragon 425 equivalent

Free Fire system requirements:

Download Size– 680MB

Operating equipment – Android 4.0.3

RAM – 1 GB (informed -2 GB)

A decent processor, for example, Processor – Mediatek MT6737M quad-core equivalent

PUBG vs Free Fire: Graphics

First of all, both of these games have outstanding graphics, but PUBG Mobile would definitely be a winner if by frame by frame.

Unreal Engine 4, a company specialized in producing rich graphics for PC games, has built PUBG Mobile. Therefore, PUBG Mobile has smooth and authentic graphics.

PUBG vs Free Fire: Characters

PUBG Mobile has just one character for a single player. Whereas Free Fire has multiple characters to offer. A few of them are Shirou, Chrono, Dasha, Hayato. where Shirou is a free character.

PUBG vs Free Fire: Player limitations

PUBG Mobile has a capacity of 100 players from plane drop down and Free fire has 50 players. The main objective remains the same as the last man/squad stand will be a winner of the game.

PUBG Mobile vs Free Fire: Wrapping up.

Both Free fire and PUBG mobile have equal equipment requirements for devices and will run smoothly on devices that have 1 GB or 2 GB of RAM. 

However, when it comes to the battle royale adventure, both titles are enjoyable in their own way, and the choice sooner or later depends upon the participant’s choice.

Gamers who are more inclined against having a dynamic and exciting event can prefer Free hearth. Meanwhile, gamers who want the essential and traditional combat royale event can opt for PUBG Mobile. Any suggestions? Feel free to comment below. See you in the next article.

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