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Tik Tok Star(s) in India – Top 10 Inspirational And Famous(2021)

by Praveen Patil
Tik tok Stars India

TikTok has become one of the world’s most popular social media platforms. Since it was introduced in 2016, it has exploded in its popularity and currently is the number one social media app for 18-24-year-olds, being used by 250 million users daily. We’ll discuss everything you need to know about the Famous individual  Tik Tok star India.

The app is a place for content creators to share their short videos on the platform, where they and their viewers can earn cash rewards based on the number of likes, comments, and (most importantly) followers that they receive. 

TikTok (previously Musical.ly), is now owned by musical powerhouse Tencent Holdings Limited and has been named one of Time magazine’s 50 Best Android Apps of 2018.

I have mentioned the account id of Instagram accounts as Tik Tok is banned in India. The follower numbers mentioned are the Tik Tok followers. All net worth mentioned is obtained from sources (Internet).

1. Riyaz Ali (@riyaz.14) – 44.1M Followers

Riyaz Aly is a mannequin, actor, and dancer from India. Like other stars on TikTok, his style is duets. Because of his large following, the #The DuetWithRiyaz hashtag is likely one of the most entertaining threads on the platform. He is the no 1 TikTok star in India.

tik tok star india

Image source @riyaz.14 (Instagram)


2. Faisal shaikh (mr_faisu_07) – 32.2M followers

Faisal Shaikh is the 2nd most TikTok star in India. In contrast to Riyaz, he creates comic videos, arguably the funniest on the platform.

tik tok star india

image source @mr_faisu_07 Instagram

Other than comedy, Faisal is a social media influencer and actor. He also has an enormous following on Instagram and Twitter.

With tens of millions of individuals joining the Bytedance-owned platform, the numbers highlighted are more likely to change within the next few months. Additionally, most famous TikTokers use other structures comparable to YouTube and Instagram to profit extra followers, exceptionally new users.

His account was blacklisted from TikTok due to some controversies but now he is back but has departed his verification badge.

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3. Jannat Zubair(@jannatzubair29) – 28M Followers

The standard actress on Indian tv, Jannat Zubair has been missing from the silver reveal for a long time. The actress has been a part of a large number of television shows together with Phulwa, Bharat Ka Veer Putra- Maharana Pratap, and others. 

The actress has been working on television shows since her childhood and has been extremely prevalent for her innocent looks and extraordinary expressions. 

tik tok star india

image source- Jannat Zubair Instagram account

Aside from television, Jannat Zubair has garnered a large fandom on social media and is among the established digital stars. She has 29M followers on Instagram.

4. Nisha Guragain(@iamnishaguragain) – 28M Followers

Nisha Guragain is a famous TikTok star with music. She is an Instagram product promoter. Nisha loves modeling and dancing and is run by Celebistaan. Nisha has a fan following of 28M on TikTok and 756M hearts on videos. He has worked on two popular Punjabi songs, Na Ladeya Kar and Jatta Ve Jatta.

indian tiktok star

image source- @iamnishaguragain Instagram

Nisha Guragain is 22 and was born on 1st October 1997, in Mumbai. She was born and grew up in a Hindu family.

5. Awez Darbar(@awez_darbar) – 26.2M Followers

Awez Darbar is also one of the Tik Tok stars in India. He is Entertainer, Choreographer, and Content writer as well. Usually posts a mix of comedy and lip-syncs videos and uploads high-quality images on the app. He also has a strong fan following of 9.3M over Instagram.

tiktok stars india

Image source @@awez_darbar Instagram account

Awez is also the founder of an Ace Production company. Ace production provides courses and classes of Drama to the students.

6. Sameeksha Sud(@sameeksha.sud_) – 25M Followers

Sameeksha Sud is also a famous Indian actress, influencer, and Entertainer beyond one of the Tik Tok star India. She uploads a mix of comedy and dance videos on Tiktok. She is famous for action videos on Tik Tok.

tiktok stars

Image source – @sameeksha.sud_ (instagram)

The net worth of Sameeksha is up to 1Cr as per sources. She has been working for Television cinema for many years but gained popularity through Tik Tok.

7. Avneet Kaur(@avneetkaur_13) – 22.6M Followers

Avneet is an actor by profession. She is also included in the Tik Tok star India list. Has 22.6M fans and 550M hearts on Tiktok. She debuted in the Bollywood movie Mardaani with star Rani Mukherjee. She also works in television serials as well.

tiktok stars india

image source @avneetkaur_13 (Instagram)

She was also selected in Top 3 final participants for the Dance India Dance Lil master show. She has a huge fan following of 20M on Instagram as well.

8. Garima Chaurasia(@gima_ashi) – 21.6M Followers

Garima is also listed in Tik Tok Star India. She is also a lifestyler, content creator. She was known as the ‘Bahot hard’ girl on Tik Tok.  Earlier, she was a lesser-known tik toker in India. Garima and she filmed the video on Emiway Bantai song and the video was so viral that she became a famous tik toker overnight.

tik tok star india

image source- @gima_ashi (Instagram)

Garima and her friend both earned verified Badges from Tik Tok. Garima has 8.5M followers on Instagram as well.

9.Lucky Dancer(@btwitslucky) – 14.3M Followers

Arhan Khan is also a well-known Tik Tok star in India named Lucky Dancer. He is a good artist with amazing dance skills. Just 18 and resides in New Delhi, India. Also performs duets with other Tik Tok stars. 

indian tiktok star

image source- @btwitslucky (Instagram)

He has 4.5 M Followers on Instagram. He has nearly 770M hearts on his videos on Tik Tok.

10.Manjul Khattar(@manjullll) – 13M Followers

Manul is an Actor by Profession. He is also a famous Tik Tok star in India. He is best for Lip sync videos. His net worth is almost 1 cr. (as per sources). He charges up to 2 Lakhs for a single event.

Tik tok star India

image source- @manjullll (Instagram)

He has 2M followers on Instagram as well. He was born and grew up in Haryana, India.

Some standout facts about TikTok are as follows:

  • TikTok is used in over 190 countries with more than 300 million installs. It has more than 100 million daily active users, 20 billion videos played daily plus an average of 2 billion hearts each day.
  • TikTok is the top app for 18-24-year-olds, surpassing Snapchat.
  • The majority of the audience on TikTok are women aged 18 to 24, and it has more female users than male users.
  • In the U.S, Tik Tok ranks as a top video platform and reaches over 15 million daily active users.
  • The content creators on TikTok earn money through their social media accounts and buy clothing, music, and other merchandise from their earnings. What started off as a way for people to make money in this digital era has now become a full-fledged business. These Tik Tok stars in India are making a lot of money.

Tik Tok Star India- Conclusion

I believe I have added almost all to Tik Tok stars India list. Let me know if someone needs to be added to the list. Show some love by commenting on your favorite Tik Tok star’s name from India. Also, tell me why you like him or her. Signing off and see you in another article. Take care and stay safe.

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