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6 Ways To Learn How To Publish The Blog Post In WordPress Effectively

how to publish a blog post in WordPress

Hello guys, in this article I am not going to tell you to open the WordPress panel and explain the WordPress options and where the Publish button is located. These things you can easily take when you are used to WordPress. Here I want to share basic but most important strategies where beginner bloggers make mistakes. Let’s not waste any …

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How To Start A Blog In 2021- Step By Step Guide For Beginners

How to Start blogging in 2021

Hello Everyone! In this article, I will explain the step-by-step process from start to end for becoming a successful blogger. You have to be consistent, sincere, and patient. Let me clear one thing here, blogging is not an overnight success platform for earning money. It takes time, no matter how you are smart. I have recently started blogging and I’m …

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